Why Dragon Audio Recording Products Are Top Notch

When you’re working in a fast-paced environment that requires audio records, you need tools and software that will make transcribing and organizing your notes as easy as possible. At Efficiency, Inc., we offer the highest quality dictation and transcription equipment possible. One of our favorite companies to work with is Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions in Seattle, WA, courtesy of Nuance. Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions aims to make it faster and easier to prepare legal documents, as well as record conferences, meetings, notes and more.

Here’s why Efficiency, Inc. loves Dragon for voice data solutions in Seattle, WA:

  • Specialized legal vocabulary: Dragon Speech Recognition is built with a legal vocabulary in mind, which means it’s faster and easier to generate documents. Because the speech recognition software “knows” common legal and professional jargon, you can rest assured there will be far less mishearing to deal with when transcribing.
  • Generate documents up to three times faster: Dragon’s goal is to generate documents faster and more accurately. From the built-in legal and business vocabulary to the intuitive interface, it’s much easier to create the documents you need.
  • Store audio files and notes in a single location: Dragon uses the cloud, which allows users can store their audio files, notes and other materials in a single location. This can be accessible to your entire office or just a limited team, depending on your settings.
  • No per-user limits: When you purchase Dragon audio equipment and services, there are no limits on how much or how often you use the service. This makes it easier for your employees to focus on the projects, rather than how many minutes they have left to record.
  • Automate your workflow: If you have a clause that you insert into every contract, or a paragraph that has to be written into every document, it’s easy to do that with Dragon. It uses programmable voice commands to automate the process, making it faster than ever to whip up any kind of document you need.
  • Intuitive and user friendly: Software is only as good as its user interface, and we’re happy to report that Dragon is among the best. The intuitive, user-friendly design is meant to make sense to everyone, whether you’ve been using this kind of technology for decades or just started today.
  • Secure and compliant technology: Finally, we all know the importance of security and privacy, particularly in today’s digital world. Dragon offers encrypted and secure servers that will protect your data above and beyond what your profession requires.

Choosing the right audio equipment makes a big difference in your daily workflow, which is why Efficiency, Inc. proudly recommends Dragon. Whether you’re a law firm or business or have another application in mind, Dragon offers reliable products at great prices.

Efficiency, Inc. specializes in high-quality dictation and transcription equipment, including Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions in Seattle, WA, and we can help you find the right products for your needs. Reach out to us today to talk about your business and the solutions that are right for you.

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