What Makes a Great Audio Recorder?

Audio recordings are popular for both personal and professional purposes. When you use a recorder as part of your profession, however, you need it to be reliable, accurate and easy to operate. Quality audio recorders in Seattle, WA are easy to identify when you know what to look for.

What is a good audio recorder in Seattle, WA?

Here are some of the characteristics of high-quality audio recorders. You’ll likely find these qualities in demand regardless of your industry or the function you need your recorder to perform:

  • Clear audio recording: Naturally, when you’re using your audio recorder, you want it to be as clear and accurate as possible. Buying an audio recorder with crystal-clear audio should be your top priority.
  • Noise filtering: Part of getting clear audio requires a certain amount of noise filtering. Look for a recorder model that offers noise filtering capabilities, which will block out background noises, pops and other audio interference so you can hear exactly what you want to hear.
  • Storage: Your recorder needs to have enough storage that you can make recordings of varying lengths. Look for substantial internal storage as well as the option to take lower-quality recordings for a longer period of time—some models can go up to 1,000 hours.
  • Easy-to-operate controls: Your and your clients’ time is valuable, so the last thing you want to do is struggle to figure out how to turn your audio recorder on and hold up proceedings as a result. Many people look for a model that has digital controls as well as physical buttons to press, which allows them to operate the recorder without having to look. Most recorders come with editing controls built in, like cue, review and playback.
  • Portability: Depending on where you plan to use your recorder, and how, portability is an important factor for many. Being able to easily set up your recorder in any office or conference room makes it more convenient, and will ensure that you use your audio recorder to supplement your notes as much as possible.
  • Power options: Look for an audio recorder than has an AC adapter as well as an internal battery. This helps with portability, but it also ensures that if you’re recording a long procedure, you won’t need to pause the recording or find another battery source.
  • Wi-fi and LAN connectivity: How will you transfer your files to a computer or storage device? High-quality recorders often come either with cables to transfer files via USB, or with wireless and LAN connectivity options. This makes sharing and backing up your files easy.
  • Robust software: The software that comes with your audio recorder should have the features you anticipate using the most, including mixer options. Some recording software includes the ability to type notes at certain points in the audio, while others may come with transcription options.
  • Heavy-duty construction: Electronics can be fragile, and accidents happen. Look for a recorder with a heavy-duty, shock-proof case that will protect it from falls, spills and other sticky situations.

Efficiency, Inc. can help you find the right quality audio recorder in Seattle, WA—call us today to discuss your options.

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