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Top 5 Tips For Improving Your Transcription Quality

Top 5 Tips For Improving Your Transcription Quality       1. Use A Good Microphone Microphones are simple devices that convert sound waves into analog electrical signals and then to digital ones. They have several characteristics and qualities that determine their performance, including frequency response, sensitivity, and more. There are two major types of […]

Industry Standards For Transcription Services

Industry Standards For Transcription Services The transcription process helps businesses put video and audio content in the hands of their audiences. This can include interviews, webinars, conferences and podcasts. There are several industry standards for transcription services that you should look for when choosing a company to partner with. Some of these include accuracy, timeliness […]

Why Transcription Accuracy Is Critical

Transcription is quickly becoming one of the most popular jobs for many people and corporations. Companies often outsource transcription tasks to transcriptionists with guidelines to ensure everything typed is exactly as it was said. So, why is transcribing so important? What are the requirements? What can happen if your transcribing equipment fails? This article will […]

What Transcription Software Is and Why You Need It

If you’re a transcriptionist with a heavy workload, your fingers might be screaming for a break. If you’re a business entity, you might be looking to cut your expenses. Automated transcription and writing software programs are the latest crazes to sweep the world. Here’s some information about the programs and why you might want them.  What […]

Transcription vs. Dictation

While taking diligent notes is still an integral part of meeting attendance or being in the legal field, professionals’ lives have gotten much simpler thanks to modern technology. Two types of helpful technology are dictation devices and transcription devices. Dictation and transcription services are similar, but they’re not the same. Continue reading to learn what […]