For the Record…

When you work in the legal profession, the importance of being able to create accurate and complete records, and deliver them in a timely fashion, cannot be understated. Efficiency, Inc. uses For the Record audio recording products in Seattle, WA to help clients guarantee the best possible results. In addition to helping capture high-quality audio recordings, For the Record software and hardware can also transcribe, store and integrate your data with other legal applications.

Here’s why Efficiency, Inc. loves For the Record audio recording products, and an overview of what they offer to our clients in Seattle, WA:

  • Easy installation: For the Record offers several types of software suites, and FTR Gold is the top choice for most firms. In addition to all the other features offered, FTR Gold seamlessly installs your software, uninstalls previous installations and offers an easy-to-use interface.
  • High-quality sound recordings: No feature is worth its salt unless it’s paired with the highest-quality sound recording possible. For the Record makes it their business to ensure that you’ll get clear, interference-free sound recordings wherever you record, with up to eight channels of audio and four channels of 1080p HD video.
  • Intuitive interface: For the Record software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so you’re not left wasting precious hours on trying to figure out how to operate your new equipment. Most legal professionals are able to record, transfer and use their recordings right away, allowing them to hit the ground running.
  • Remote court recording: Imagine being able to record court proceedings without even being on site. For the Record provides flexible software so you can get accurate and full records without needing to be physically present. All you need is one computer to record and monitor your remote activity, so you can rest assured you’ll never miss an important moment—and your employees won’t need to spend valuable time traveling.
  • Searchable, annotated records: Audio recordings are only as useful as their search and annotation functions. For the Record offers the ability to annotate your recordings with searchable information, like witness appearances, spellings and more. It’s fully customizable, too, allowing you to add hot key shortcuts and other features to make your transcription job easier.
  • Storage and archive functionality: Keeping your records stored properly (and privately) is a major concern for the legal profession, and For the Record products are designed to meet those needs. You can easily save recordings to optical files, seal and unseal records, add digital signatures and access controls and automatically index your content. Not only is it easy to record your proceedings, but you’ll be able to keep track of them, too.

If you’re interested in getting more information about what For the Record is and the type of products that might be right for you in Seattle, WA, contact the team at Efficiency, Inc. Tell us what your law firm needs, and we can recommend the products you need when you call us today. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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