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When Should You Service Your Microphones

If you’re a musician or audio engineer, chances are you rely on microphones to help you capture great sound. But like any other piece of equipment, microphones need to be properly maintained and serviced to function well. Here are the signs to look out for when your audio recording equipment needs to be serviced 1. […]

Protecting Your Audio Recording Equipment

You’ve made a big investment in your audio recording equipment. It is imperative that you protect that investment by properly maintaining and protecting your equipment. To maintain your equipment, you need to be aware of what types of risks there are and what kinds of things could go wrong. This helps you to be better […]

How to Reduce Audio Noise in Your Recordings

When you’re taking professional audio recordings, you need them to be as crisp and intelligible as possible. When audio noise interferes, your recordings might sound fuzzy, scratchy or as if there’s a hissing in the background. That makes it harder to understand the speaker, which means your transcription software (or human transcriptionist) will have a […]

How to Lengthen Recording Equipment Life

When you own a piece of professional recording equipment, you’ll want to lengthen its lifespan as long as possible. This involves performing regular preventative maintenance. It sounds impossible, but your equipment is more vulnerable to damage when you’re not using it. Just a few minutes of attention per week will ensure that your recording equipment […]

Tips for Storage and Care of Your Audio Equipment

If you have a business model in which you use audio equipment on a regular basis, you’ll probably need to frequently store or transport that equipment, whether you’re just staying on site or taking it elsewhere. If you’re going to have gear that will last you for years to come, it is important that. you […]