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Speech Recognition Technology: Vital to Our Law Enforcement

While at a crime scene or interviewing critical individuals for a case, police officers and other members of law enforcement need a way to take notes and record information. Accurate details are critical in building a legal case, but multiple interviews or discussions can lead to significant amounts of data that law enforcement officers need […]

What You Need to Know About Sound Recording in Video Production

When you’re recording courtroom proceedings or a video deposition, the audio incorporated into your video must be of a high quality to ensure accurate playback and understanding. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to start with high-quality audio recording equipment. However, even the highest-quality equipment can fail when your setup is not correct. For […]

Understanding Digital Dictation and Transcription Equipment

When you’ve used traditional voice recording equipment and transcription for years, making the switch to digital can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are experts—like the experienced staff at Efficiency, Inc.—who have plenty of experience differentiating between the different features that traditional and digital recording equipment provide. Whether you work in a medical setting or need help […]

What Is Digital Court Recording?

Thanks to technological advancements, digital court reporting is commonplace in courthouses across North America. With professional audio recording software in Seattle, WA and a skilled court reporter, court records are significantly richer. While audio is recorded, the court reporter is taking simultaneous notes on the proceedings. This allows the reporter to digitally annotate the audio, […]