For the Record Courtroom Recording Devices in Seattle, WA

In a legal setting, lives depend on the quality and accuracy of recording and distance court interpretation. Boasting decades of voice processing expertise, Efficiency, Inc., is your trusted solution for professional audio in Seattle, WA.

As part of our commitment to offering best-in-class recording and transcribing, we work with top-of-the-line companies, such as For the Record (FTR). From capturing, storing and distributing court recordings to providing superior security, FTR takes the necessary steps to provide quality audio with its courtroom recording equipment.

Courtroom Recording Equipment

Superior Technology With FTR

Anyone working in the legal field knows maintaining accurate court records is essential. Moreover, lawyers and other professionals need to be able to access these files quickly and safely, while preserving confidentiality at all times. Offering digital transcription and distance court interpretation in Seattle, WA, and beyond, FTR provides superior recordings and protects them with the highest level of security.

It’s not enough to deliver broadcast-quality recordings. In an effort to provide clients with unparalleled service, FTR offers seamless integration with third-party systems and applications, along with streamlined transcription production. Plus, the company uses best-of-breed hardware and inbuilt features to allow for complete capture and expedited distribution.

Understanding that legal professionals need to be able to access records on the go, FTR’s courtroom recording devices allow for remote court recording and monitoring. Word search and annotation features make it easy to find the necessary information, while storage and archiving functionality allow for immediate recording retrieval.

Municipal Courtroom Recording

It is easier than ever to capture and manage court recordings.

When you are making decisions that impact someone’s livelihood or freedom, you have to be certain. Capture and manage the court record using the latest digital technology with the new FTR Gold™. The latest version of FTR Gold™ builds on its proven track record with enhanced ease, robust reliability and powerful functionality built from intensive development and real-world testing.

Courtroom Recording Devices

Do more with digital

Software that looks great, works well and installs easily – with no exceptions. Expect that and more from FTR Gold™. With powerful improvements and new workflow features, including a makeover to the user interface and an easy installer and updater, FTR Gold™ sets a new bar for court recording.


Record up to eight channels of high fidelity audio per PC and up to four channels of 1080p HD video, and hear how a recording will actually sound as it is being made.

Automatic alerts for loss of signal and low audio levels also provide added recording confidence.

Complete department-specific recording while retaining your existing FTR directory structure.

Server-based recording is also supported with FTR Gold™ Server for recording multiple courtrooms on one server.


Take the guesswork out of recalling and locating critical moments for playback.

Add searchable information such as participants/ appearances, spellings and key terminology.

While you can also tag a case number to easily manage the reformatting and distribution of audio for that
particular hearing.

Making notes is simple with integrated and standalone log notes, including automated timestamps.

For ultimate efficiency, use hot key functionality that is customizable to an individual’s and commonly referenced events, and benefit from automated replication and backup of recorded audio and log notes.

Manage and store

Ensure the record is appropriately managed and stored by implementing practical safeguards your whole operation can use.

Save to optical devices with ease and have the flexibility to choose the resolution while formatting a TRM file
to Windows Media Format to manage the file footprint.

Seal and unseal sensitive recordings (on the fly or after the fact), convert file formats, and apply access controls.

For the highest level of security, digital signatures can also be added to recordings in FTR’s
cloud-based storage.

FTR Warehouse centrally indexes all FTR content to provide immediate user access.

It also provides centralized management of associated recorders and content, including scheduled or manual recording control, automatic content conversion, and file replication.


Have complete control during playback of an audio or video recording with FTR’s municipal courtroom recording devices.

You can isolate individual audio channels, adjust microphone volumes and speech speed, and easily differentiate who is speaking.

Identify speakers accurately during annotation with improved contrast between channels, a longer time period, and enhanced sensitivity to quieter signals.

See audio and video simultaneously, and re-open files where you left off.

Supports USB foot pedals for additional ease of use.

What’s new

Courtroom Recording Device

Easier installation and use

Enterprise software needs to meet the same usability standards as consumer software. FTR Gold™ has had a makeover with an updated user interface (with the option to use the classic design), and a new installer to silently install and deploy the FTR Gold™ Recording Suite which will uninstall previous versions of FTR Reporter™ and the FTR Gold™ Recording Suite*. Upgrades are also supported across FTR Player™, and FTR Gold™ Annotation and FTR Gold™ Monitoring Suites.

Courtroom Recording Equipment

Optimal performance

We understand that you need the utmost confidence in your recording system when it matters most. With new improvements and features, FTR Gold™ provides ongoing assurance and peace-of-mind.

Distance Court Interpretation

Archiving and storage

In the age of big data, storage is becoming more complex. FTR Gold™ assists courts manage and provide access to recordings with configurable save destinations to suit multijurisdictions and archiving in line with relevant
retention policies.

Distance Court Interpretation

Recording quality

The clear and complete capture of the court record is key to the court reporting process. That’s why FTR Gold™ comes with fast recording start-up and automatic detection and alerts for loss of signal and low audio levels based on ambient noise levels.

Courtroom Recording Equipment

Remote recordings

We live in a decentralized world. In this day and age, the person controlling the recording no longer needs to be in the same physical location as the courtroom. Software needs to be fully flexible to support this model. FTR Gold™ provides fully featured remote control, so that a single PC on a network can be used to monitor and control one or more recording environments. Remote monitors can complete jurisdiction specific recordings without changing the existing FTR recording folder structure.

Courtroom Recording Devices

Improved integration

It is increasingly unacceptable for information to live in data silos. Users want collated data, at their fingertips. FTR Gold™ integrates with case management systems and has increased compatibility with a wider range of networked and USB audio interfaces, and IP cameras.


  • Record, annotate, store and playback FTR court recordings.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Easy deployment.
  • Minimal operator training required.
  • Accidental damage protection.
  • Compatible with all FTR Software such as EMS and™.
  • FTR Touch™ users can now take advantage of FTR’s software assurance options.
  • Able to be run in limited kiosk mode preventing access to Windows 10 interface without an administrator password.

Key Features

  • Touch-screen
  • Confidence monitoring
  • On-unit playback
  • Up to 8-channels of audio recording and 4-channels of HD video
  • Time and date-stamped record
  • Option to seal selected proceedings

Distance Court Interpretation

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