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The Power of AI in Speech Recognition

The legal realm depends on accuracy for documentation, evidence submission and court proceedings. Efficiency is also a top priority. Both goals can be difficult to achieve when it comes to voice processing solutions in Seattle, WA. Fortunately, audio recording software can now be equipped with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Read on to learn […]

Follow These Suggestions When Trying to Record High-Quality Audio

When you’re recording audio to be used in a professional setting, it’s important that it’s clear and as high quality as possible. Today’s digital recorders and transcription software are advanced, but it’s still possible to get unusable recordings if you don’t take enough care. As trusted law enforcement dictation equipment suppliers in Seattle, WA, here […]

How to Record the Best Audio

Recording meetings is a great way to preserve the information shared and enable you to go back and take notes after the fact. However, when you go to the effort of recording a meeting, but the audio quality is lacking, that audio file is of little use to you or anyone else. If you’re looking […]

How to Test Sound Levels Quickly

Testing your sound levels—that is, the decibel levels in the room as well as when people are speaking—is important when it comes to creating a clear recording. When you’re working in professional environments like courtrooms, medical practices and business conference rooms, understanding how the sound levels affect the recording can help you create much cleaner […]

For the Record…

When you work in the legal profession, the importance of being able to create accurate and complete records, and deliver them in a timely fashion, cannot be understated. Efficiency, Inc. uses For the Record audio recording products in Seattle, WA to help clients guarantee the best possible results. In addition to helping capture high-quality audio […]