Philips Dictation Devices in Seattle, WA

Offering trusted voice processing solutions since 1954, Efficiency, Inc., is happy to supply clients with a broad selection of products from top brands, including Philips. A leader in the dictation software field, Phillips provides a high-end selection of cutting-edge speech technology and recording equipment in Seattle, WA, and beyond.

Dictation Devices

The Benefits of Philips’ Dictation Equipment

Law firms and legal departments overwhelmingly choose Philips for municipal courtroom recording in Seattle, WA, and beyond. Understanding that legal professionals deal with significant amounts of documentation on a weekly basis, Phillips strives to lighten the load by offering cutting-edge dictation machines and software. The goal is to reduce costs associated with document handling, while increasing productivity and profits.

Additionally, Philips dictation equipment allow professionals to make the most of their time by enabling them to work on the go. Users can record and share dictations regardless of their physical location.

Dictation Equipment
Dictation Software


  • 3D mic technology
  • Ergonomic slide switch
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Real-time file encryption
  • Pin lock
  • And more

One of best reasons to choose Philips for your legal work is that you can easily forward dictations to a work list, outside agency or speech recognition program. As a result, you won’t be slowed down by long lag times and other delays.

Law firms aren’t the only companies that rely on Philips dictation devices to keep their businesses running. The products also support clients in the healthcare, finance, construction, journalism and law enforcement fields, among others.

Learn More About Philips’ Quality Products

Philips products and dictation software are designed to support an array of legal professionals at small firms and large corporations alike. Want to find out if Philips’ dictation machines are right for you? Call Efficiency, Inc., today at 206-768-2800 or request more information online about Philips, Dragon transcription machines, or For the Record courtroom recording equipment.

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