How to Lengthen Recording Equipment Life

When you own a piece of professional recording equipment, you’ll want to lengthen its lifespan as long as possible. This involves performing regular preventative maintenance. It sounds impossible, but your equipment is more vulnerable to damage when you’re not using it. Just a few minutes of attention per week will ensure that your recording equipment […]

Follow These Suggestions When Trying to Record High-Quality Audio

When you’re recording audio to be used in a professional setting, it’s important that it’s clear and as high quality as possible. Today’s digital recorders and transcription software are advanced, but it’s still possible to get unusable recordings if you don’t take enough care. As trusted law enforcement dictation equipment suppliers in Seattle, WA, here […]

Easy Steps to Improve Your Annotations

Today’s dictation machines and recording devices often let us annotate the audio files. That means you get the benefit of not only recording your thoughts, conferences or other interactions, but you also get to add commentary after the fact. Whether you want to add helpful resources, ask questions or clarify details that may have gotten […]

New Technology: Police Dictation Machines

Doctors, lawyers and other professionals have been using dictation machines for years. They’re a simple way to record notes in real time, which allows you to transcribe them later for maximum accuracy. Whether you want to take notes for a police report while the incident is still fresh in your mind, or need a record […]

Choosing the Best Dictation System

When you’re deciding on a professional transcription or dictation machine in Seattle, WA, it’s important that you get one that will meet all of your business’s needs. Not every machine will be right for every firm or practice, so doing your research and working with a reputable provider is key to your success and satisfaction. […]