How to Maintain Audio Equipment

Whether you’re a transcriptionist or run a transcription company, your audio equipment is everything. It’s the only equipment you need to understand what the speaker says and put it down in writing. That means keeping your equipment in optimal condition all the time. So, is there maintenance required for audio equipment? How often should you […]

Why Transcription Accuracy Is Critical

Transcription is quickly becoming one of the most popular jobs for many people and corporations. Companies often outsource transcription tasks to transcriptionists with guidelines to ensure everything typed is exactly as it was said. So, why is transcribing so important? What are the requirements? What can happen if your transcribing equipment fails? This article will […]

Biggest Advances in Modern Voice Technologies in 2022

Voice technology has come a long way over the years, and it has advanced so much over the past few years that people use it to perform various tasks. The following are some of the latest technological developments in voice tech: Voice Command Voice command is one of the most popular types of technology, and […]

Is the Philips LFH3000 the Best Dictation Microphone?

A dictation microphone is designed for dictation purposes. It is usually a handheld device that can be held close to the mouth, making it possible to capture every word. Many brands and models of dictation microphones are available on the market. Still, the Philips LFH3000 is considered the best dictation microphone in the market for the […]

What Transcription Software Is and Why You Need It

If you’re a transcriptionist with a heavy workload, your fingers might be screaming for a break. If you’re a business entity, you might be looking to cut your expenses. Automated transcription and writing software programs are the latest crazes to sweep the world. Here’s some information about the programs and why you might want them.  What […]