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Five Reasons You Should Consider Using Speech-to-Text Software

Transcribing recordings by hand can be extremely time-consuming, but most people don’t realize that there’s an easier way to get the job done. Speech-to-text software can help cut down the time you spend on transcribing, so you can focus on other aspects of your work. This technology has been around for decades, but continues to […]

How to Troubleshoot Dictation Issues

Audio recording dictation in Seattle, WA is a crucial technology for many professionals. When this process does not work correctly, your entire project can go off the rails. To keep things on track, use the following tips for troubleshooting audio dictation. Microphone issues A common problem with audio recording dictation is an issue with the […]

What Are the Benefits of Digital Dictation?

Voice recorders have been around in various forms for many years, and they’ve become a very important tool in a variety of professional environments. Today’s tools embrace digital technologies, which come with many benefits over old-fashioned tape recorders and analog devices. Here’s a quick look at some of the most important benefits of digital audio […]

How to Improve Your Dictation Recording

Dictation recordings can be highly useful for a lot of purposes. But to get the most out of the technology, it’s important that you understand how to make the most effective use of it. With a little bit of instruction and practice, you can get much better at using dictation tools and improve the quality […]

New Technology: Police Dictation Machines

Doctors, lawyers and other professionals have been using dictation machines for years. They’re a simple way to record notes in real time, which allows you to transcribe them later for maximum accuracy. Whether you want to take notes for a police report while the incident is still fresh in your mind, or need a record […]