What Will Court Reporting Look Like in 2021?

As the world begins to reopen after the global pandemic, many industries and organizations are reverting back to in-person operations. However, the court system is one example of a sector that’s not returning to business as usual. Many industries have embraced remote meetings, and judges, attorneys and court reporters are no exception.

Since delaying trials is not an option, court reporters need to embrace necessary technology and invest in quality audio documentation equipment to comply with Seattle court reporting standards. Here’s how the rest of 2021 is likely to look for court reporters and why adopting dictation devices can be useful for your Seattle court reporting operations.

The pandemic affected depositions, arbitrations and trials

While the start of 2020 was business as usual, social distancing standards became the norm starting in March and lasting through the rest of the year. Many courts and related organizations, including law offices, delayed upcoming depositions and trials due to the pandemic, moving their operations to remote work. As the worst of the pandemic set in later in the year, it was clear that delays couldn’t continue, and everyone involved in the court system had to make some adjustments to make depositions and trials possible while conforming to social distancing guidelines.

Remote proceedings will continue throughout 2021

Recent legislation has equipped all parties in courtroom proceedings, including court reporters, to continue conducting remote operations. That means remote depositions, arbitrations and trials will continue throughout the year. Since it may be some time before fully-in-person depositions and trials will return, investing in dictation devices for your Seattle court reporting needs is a smart idea. Going remote is not a plausible reason to delay operations, which means that having the right equipment for your business is essential to comply with industry standards.

Adapt to new technology

It’s not just attorneys that have to keep abreast of changes in the law, including technological ones. Seattle court reporters and all other participants in court proceedings need to develop a thorough understanding of all forms of technology that support remote meetings, including specialized dictation devices that are capable of recording remote proceedings. Always take time to test and learn new technology to ensure it will work exactly when you need it to.

While a quality dictation device will reduce problems with voice, volume or clarity during proceedings, there are some other tips to follow:

  • Don’t be afraid to interrupt and ask for clarification if you ever find yourself unsure of who said what. Most attorneys and witnesses are accommodating and want the record to be correct, too.
  • Remote proceedings can present some difficulties, and one of these is violations of protocol. When depositions are being conducted from an attorney’s living room or office, unexpected situations are bound to happen. If you find any participant’s behavior making it challenging for you to hear what’s being said, feel free to interrupt. Again, it’s all about making sure the record is correct.

Audio documentation equipment will be key to keeping your Seattle court reporting operation competitive for the rest of 2021. If you haven’t adopted this technology yet, you need to, since remote proceedings won’t be going away anytime soon. Contact Efficiency, Inc. to learn more about the most up-to-date court reporting industry standards and equipment.

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