Ditch the Smartphone for a Philips Voice Recorder

When you need audio documentation equipment for your work in Seattle, WA 98146, don’t settle for your smartphone. Although phone recording apps can be a good solution in a pinch, and have certainly improved with time, their performance is still vastly inferior to a dedicated voice recorder. Whether you need the recorder for meetings, voice notes, recording lectures or other applications, investing in a dedicated recorder will produce much better results. Here’s why you should consider using a Philips voice recorder instead of your smartphone.

Better sound quality

When it comes to smartphones vs. audio documentation equipment, the biggest difference is in the sound quality. Even the best smartphone and app can’t compete with devices that are specifically designed to record audio.

The Philips Voice Tracer uses AutoAdjust+ and AutoZoom+ technology to pick up voices—not background noise. The built-in smart algorithm can filter out background sounds so you always get a crystal-clear recording.

The Voice Tracer also uses a high-quality microphone to capture voices, even when the sound levels change or the speaker is far away. This results in a clear recording that a smartphone simply cannot match.

Excellent battery life

Philips has also ensured that there’s plenty of battery life available, even if you use your Voice Tracer for multiple hours at a time. Your smartphone probably can’t hold a charge for more than a few hours of continuous use—and less than that if it’s an older model. In contrast, the Voice Tracer has a battery life of up to 50 hours on one charge. That’s over two days of continuous recording.

Robust features

Although smartphones are convenient, they can’t hold a candle to the one-touch recording feature in the Philips Voice Tracer. Why wait to unlock your phone, load the app and find the “record” button, when you can simply press a button and get started? The Voice Tracer is designed for intuitive operation—you won’t even need to look at it to operate it.

It also comes in a durable aluminum housing, which means it’ll stand up to wear and tear (including drops) better than your smartphone can.

Great reviews

The Philips Voice Tracer has gotten consistently great reviews since it was released. It’s ranked as one of the best voice recorders available, with a high benefit-to-cost ratio. Reviewers love the long battery life, durable case, intuitive controls and, of course, the crystal-clear recordings, thanks to the high-quality speech recognition technology.

In short, the Philips Voice Tracer is a great choice when you need a dedicated voice recorder. While your smartphone can get the job done, the battery will drain much faster, it’s slower to operate and the results won’t be as clear. That’s not sustainable when your job or schooling require good voice recordings on a regular basis.

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