The Best Techniques to Use During Medical Dictation and Recording

Of all the voice data recorded every day, medical transcription may be the most important. The notes taken, dictated and transcribed before, during and after medical procedures and appointments can have a massive impact on the health and wellbeing of a very real person. That’s why it’s so critical to ensure that your medical dictation and recording procedures help you produce the most precise recordings possible. If you can take a few simple steps, your dictation machine in Seattle, WA can handle the rest.

Choose a quiet area

A state-of-the-art dictation machine captures voices with incredible clarity, but they’ll also pick up background and ambient noise, as well. To minimize your chances of recording unwanted noise, start by choosing a quiet place to begin your recording.

Do a quick equipment test

Before you record anything crucial, you should do a quick test of your equipment to make sure it’s working and that you’re operating it correctly. A few seconds of audio recorded and played back can save medical professionals a lot of trouble in the long run.

Record notes immediately

Keep your thoughts fresh by dictating your notes as soon as possible following surgery or a patient appointment. Not only will this technique help you remember the most critical aspects of your observation, but it will help you remember the nitty-gritty details as well.

Don’t be afraid to pause

Distractions are inevitable, especially if you’re trying to dictate in an active medical environment. When your dictation is interrupted—or you know it will be for a prolonged amount of time—don’t be afraid to hit the pause button on your professional dictation machine in Seattle, WA.

Limit speakers to one at a time

Modern dictation machines work exceptionally well, but even an otherwise crystal-clear recording can get muddled when more than one person speaks at a time. If you are recording a meeting or a joint assessment, ask participants to speak one at a time, so the dictation device captures everything said without confusion.

Speak slowly when handling big words

One unique aspect of the medical profession is its litany of complicated terms. Doctors memorize dozens of Latin phrases and multisyllabic words that are uncommon in the outside world. As a result, it’s important to speak slowly and clearly when using any medical terms. In other words, just because you know how to spell “myocardial infarction” doesn’t mean the phrase rolls off the tongue for everyone.

Use a professional dictation service

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