Things to Know About Digital Dictation and Transcription Equipment in Seattle, WA

Whether you are attempting your first transcribing session or you are a veteran transcriber, there are certain things you should know about transcription equipment in Seattle, WA. These facts will help you improve your efficiency and performance and allow you to produce high-quality transcriptions. As you complete your transcription or hire someone else for this task, keep the following in mind.

All transcription equipment in Seattle, WA is not equal

Dictation machines vary widely in their capabilities and quality. There are simple voice recorders, and then there are professional dictation recorders. The same goes for transcription software. High-end transcription equipment performs much differently than kits designed for consumers. Purchasing the right equipment can reduce your transcription time by several hours per day.

This makes knowledge of various equipment capabilities essential. As you consider various options for transcription equipment in Seattle, WA, consider these important aspects:

  • Capacity: If you plan to make lengthy recordings, it’s crucial to have a device with a high capacity. As you review the equipment’s capacity, be sure to note what recording quality this capacity accommodates. Recording in higher quality typically results in a lower capacity.
  • Format: How you plan to play back your recordings should determine the format used for creating the recording. Typical formats include DSS, AAC, MP3, WAV and WMA. Determine what you need for playback and select the best device to produce that format.
  • Size: Transcribing involves several pieces of equipment. In addition to your smartphone, laptop and other technology you carry with you, you’ll need to transport your transcription equipment in Seattle, WA. Choose something that is portable and easy to transport and includes a protective case.
  • Software: Transcription equipment typically comes with some software. However, you may need to upgrade this software, depending on your intended use. If you find yourself frustrated with the capabilities of your equipment, you probably need to invest in better transcription software. A variety of solutions are available in today’s innovative market.
  • Accessories: Consider what you might need in addition to the basic transcription equipment in Seattle, WA. For example, a pair of quality headphones is a good investment. It’s wise to note any accessories that might be required to use equipment effectively, but that aren’t included with the product.
  • Budget: Digital recorders can cost a few dollars or a few hundred dollars. The same goes for accessories and software. Do some research into the typical costs for what you think you’ll need, then set a realistic budget. Keep in mind that it is often worth investing in quality equipment since it will offer better results in the long run.

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