Tools and Tips for Transcribing

With the right tools and tips in Seattle, WA, transcribers can increase their efficiency, accuracy and reliability. This makes transcribing easier and more lucrative, producing better results for both the transcribers and their clients.

If transcription projects are on your workload, use the following tips to improve your performance. You might be surprised how simple it can be to transform your transcribing experience.

Tips to receive

Effective transcribing begins with tools that allow you to capture the information clearly and accurately. To do so, use the following techniques:

  • Invest in the right equipment: You’ll obtain the best results from a high-quality microphone. Typically, this means using an external microphone rather than one built into a device such as a smartphone. Investing in solid recording equipment will be well worth your while to obtain a clear recording for transcription.
  • Set the stage for recording: You might be surprised how much background noise can affect the quality of the recording. Turn off all machinery in the room, including fans. Close windows and doors. Put up “do not disturb” signs that indicate you are recording. If you must record outside, use a wind shield over the microphone.

Tips to review

As you transcribe, use the right tools and tips in Seattle, WA to make your job as easy as possible. Here are some resources that you can tap:

  • Foot pedal: This tool allows you to control the rewind, play and pause functions with your feet. This frees up your hands to focus on typing. Foot pedals typically connect to a computer via USB. This tool can greatly enhance your transcription work by speeding up the process.
  • Transcription software: A variety of programs are available to aid in transcription. Software can convert audio or video files to other formats. Other programs can enhance the audio quality of a file or split it into manageable parts. Don’t miss out on the many technological innovations on the market today.

Tips to relax

As you transcribe, you’ll perform best if you are in a comfortable setting. Use these tips and tools in Seattle, WA to set up a healthy workspace for transcribing:

  • Ergonomic chair: This seat will protect your body as you sit for hours and transcribe. It provides support for your lower back, prevents muscle fatigue, encourages good posture and promotes proper circulation. By positioning yourself in a healthy manner, you’ll feel better and perform better too.
  • Headphones: A big part of transcribing is listening. Using quality headphones will enhance this aspect of your work. The ability to hear recordings through reliable headphones will reduce stress and make transcribing more relaxing, comfortable and efficient.

Discover the Difference

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