Biggest Advances in Modern Voice Technologies in 2022

Voice technology has come a long way over the years, and it has advanced so much over the past few years that people use it to perform various tasks. The following are some of the latest technological developments in voice tech:

Voice Command

Voice command is one of the most popular types of technology, and it has been around for ages. People use this technology to make it easier to search the web for information they desire. They also use voice commands to communicate with their modern vehicles for a hands-free experience. Bell Laboratories designed the first voice command system in 1952, and it has grown to near-perfection since then. 


Dictation is a technology mostly used by journalists, writers, and other individuals in the writing spectrum. This technology is also known as voice-to-text or speech-to-text technology. The user speaks into a microphone, and the program converts the person’s words into a text document.

This system has also grown in its abilities as AI programs are now being developed to make it more effective. When used properly, it could cut down typing time for individuals who are not quick typists. A variety of apps are available for mobile phones and computers, and some of them have free trial offers users can experiment with to see what works best for them. 

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is currently still in its development stages. However, engineers are implementing AI programs that can understand human speech and even respond to it. This technology is expected to grow over the next few decades until it becomes a full-fledged two-way communication system. 

Personal Assistants

The personal assistant realm of technology is another area where voice technology has advanced. Personal assistants are connected to the user’s computers, mobile devices, tablets, and sound speakers. These assistants can understand many basic commands and then perform tasks for the users.

For example, someone can ask their personal assistant to create an email and send it to a client. An individual can speak with a personal assistant and request that it play a specific song or movie. Furthermore, it can perform a broad range of other tasks. Improvements in voice technology allow these systems to grow their knowledge databases so that users can get help with more tasks as time passes. 


Biometric systems are used in the banking industry these days. Some of the top providers offer their customers the opportunity to log in and out of their bank accounts using their unique voices as the code. This next-generation verification method is set to replace other methods, such as PIN creation, and is said to be safer and more secure. 

As you can see, voice recognition advancements have grown and are now capable of helping a vast assortment of people perform their jobs and tasks much easier. Voice technology can help you to complete certain tasks much easier as well. You can look into the various systems and find ways to improve your duties with the latest advancements as early as today. 

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