Speech Recognition Technology: Vital to Our Law Enforcement

While at a crime scene or interviewing critical individuals for a case, police officers and other members of law enforcement need a way to take notes and record information. Accurate details are critical in building a legal case, but multiple interviews or discussions can lead to significant amounts of data that law enforcement officers need […]

What You Need to Know About Sound Recording in Video Production

When you’re recording courtroom proceedings or a video deposition, the audio incorporated into your video must be of a high quality to ensure accurate playback and understanding. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to start with high-quality audio recording equipment. However, even the highest-quality equipment can fail when your setup is not correct. For […]

Using Digital Recorders for Businesses

Voice recording machines have been around for decades, but today’s technology has come a long way from the recorders of the past. Instead of cassettes and other outdated modes of recording, you can now safely and securely record and store data digitally. Many business owners—from lawyers to doctors and beyond—find that having professional dictation and […]

Benefits of Digital Dictation for the Healthcare Industry

Medical professionals have known the benefits of voice recorders for decades, but professional dictation machines can take your Seattle, WA healthcare practice to the next level. With the advances in technology, you can do more than just document patient notes and medical records—you can also edit, securely share and more. Here are some of the […]

The Best Techniques to Use During Medical Dictation and Recording

Of all the voice data recorded every day, medical transcription may be the most important. The notes taken, dictated and transcribed before, during and after medical procedures and appointments can have a massive impact on the health and wellbeing of a very real person. That’s why it’s so critical to ensure that your medical dictation […]