8 Steps To Becoming a Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a typist responsible for transcribing recorded dictation into letters or documents. To be a transcriptionist, an individual must possess certain skills. For example, listening skills are crucial in this line of work. In addition, a transcriptionist must be able to type fast and accurately.  Furthermore, a transcriptionist must be familiar with MS Word […]

What Is a Dictation Machine, and What Is It Used For?

Many technologies have been created to help make your day-to-day tasks easier and more efficient. For those that are working in a job where you might have to take down a speech or dictate spoken word to text, a dictation machine might be just what you need. What Is a Dictation Machine? A dictation machine is […]

Necessary Equipment for a Transcriptionist

Online transcription is an interesting and rewarding career. It involves transcribing all sorts of content, from sizzling interviews to murder cases to inspirational and motivating podcasts. So, what do I need to be a transcriptionist? You require more than just a keyboard and a computer. To achieve a high level of quality and accuracy in […]

What Is 3D Audio?

Having a good audio system is important for many people. When you are looking for a new audio system, investing in 3D audio can be a good option. The use of 3D audio is quite new and is a growing and emerging technology. As opposed to using surround sound speakers, this new type of technology […]

What Does Audio Cleaning Mean?

If you are producing a podcast, music, or even hosting any type of recorded presentation, it will be essential that you have clean audio that is clear and easy to hear. When you have clear audio that is free of unwanted sounds and frequencies, it is considered clean audio. If there is unwanted sound that […]