Why Having a Court Reporter Is Necessary

If you’re a lawyer, you already know why having a court reporter is necessary. If it wasn’t drilled into your head during Trial Advocacy, it almost certainly was when you started your first internship or post-Bar job. Court reporting is an important part of any litigation—there’s no substitute for an accurate written record. When you’re […]

Dragon vs. Windows Speech Recognition

Speech recognition software is a valuable tool—one you probably use every day without thinking twice. Computers now have the ability to recognize, process and transcribe spoken words, which can be used for anything from hands-free smartphone commands to recording and transcribing notes, proceedings and more. Two of the most popular speech recognition software brands are […]

Why AI Transcription Is Such a Boon to Court Reporters

Attorneys rely on court transcriptions to be a word-for-word transcript of everything that was said during a proceeding. Having a text-based record is a lot faster to search through and highlight. Since depositions and preliminary hearings are crucial for evidentiary purposes—and trial transcriptions are necessary for appeals—the role of the court reporter can’t be emphasized […]

What Is Voice Technology, and What Are Its Benefits?

Today’s technological innovations mean that voice recognition technology is available to just about anyone who owns a smartphone, computer or similar device. If you use Google Home, Alexa or Siri, you use voice recognition technology every time you ask your digital assistant to do something for you. Of course, the benefits don’t stop there—especially if […]

What Will Court Reporting Look Like in 2021?

As the world begins to reopen after the global pandemic, many industries and organizations are reverting back to in-person operations. However, the court system is one example of a sector that’s not returning to business as usual. Many industries have embraced remote meetings, and judges, attorneys and court reporters are no exception. Since delaying trials […]