Top 8 Benefits of Transcribing Videos

Creating content is more important than ever due to the rising popularity of TikTok and YouTube. If you’re interested in creating online content, it’s suggested to include closed captions and transcripts in your video content. Is it possible to transcribe video? Yes, you can. You don’t have to know how to transcribe video if you post on YouTube because it offers the option of closed captioning.

There are plenty of reasons why having close captioning on your videos is beneficial, but below are our top eight reasons.

Providing Access for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Viewers

Closed captions can bring in new audiences to your videos: deaf and hard of hearing. Did you know that there are 48 million Americans with hearing loss? According to reports, “71% of people with disabilities will leave a website immediately if it’s not accessible.” Gain more followers or a larger audience and a transcript.

Remain Compliant & Follow Legal Requirements

Those with hearing loss deserve access to the same resources and content as everyone else, which is why several anti-discrimination laws are being enacted. Some laws require all videos to include captions when they are published publicly. 

Learning Aid That Improves Comprehension

COVID has caused many students to shift to online learning, and captioning and video transcripts have helped improve comprehension. Closed captions can enhance a video’s experience, especially for those who don’t speak English fluently. 

Allows Flexibility

Closed captions allow viewers to watch your video even when audio isn’t available. Whether they’re on a train heading to work or on a crowded street waiting, captions still perfectly convey speed even when there’s no sound. 

Boosts SEO

Having transcripts can boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value and, when properly indexed, can bring in more viewers. With organic searches, having the transcript helps increase search engine results by at least six percent.

Enhances User Experience

Viewers can find what they’re looking for since they can search for videos using specific keywords within the transcript. They’ll search for the word and jump to the part of the video they’re interested in based on their keyword search by clicking on the word.

It’s an Excellent Source

With closed captions or transcripts, other content creators can use your video as a source by searching for specific topics or key phrases to use that part of your video in a testimonial. They can turn it into outlines for a study guide or report.

Easier To Translate Into Other Languages

80% of YouTube views are from outside the U.S., with eight out of the top 10 countries being from non-English speaking countries. With transcripts, you’re reaching a wider audience, and translating them can boost your SEO even more.

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