Necessary Equipment for a Transcriptionist

Online transcription is an interesting and rewarding career. It involves transcribing all sorts of content, from sizzling interviews to murder cases to inspirational and motivating podcasts. So, what do I need to be a transcriptionist?

You require more than just a keyboard and a computer. To achieve a high level of quality and accuracy in transcription, you need a few pieces of equipment. We’ve listed different transcription equipment that can help boost efficiency and productivity.

Foot Pedal

Rather than using your mouse or keyboard to control the recording, you can control the audio with your foot. These pedals mostly feature three buttons. The two smaller buttons on either side allow you to advance or rewind the audio file as needed, while the larger buttons allow you to pause or play with a release or press. This plugs you into the transcription process and speeds up your turnaround time.


The audio quality of the files you’re working on affects how quickly and easily you can transcribe them. Poor audio quality can be time-consuming and frustrating when trying to earn a living through transcription. You can control how you listen to such audio files by having a headset or earbuds, whichever works best for you. You don’t have to spend much money on that. However, a professional transcriptionist may want to invest in comfortable earbuds or headphones that allow clarity and volume control.

Text Expander

Using a text expander isn’t necessary. But it can help you type faster and more efficiently and save you a lot of time. A text expander works similarly to the autocomplete features of your smartphone. You can use abbreviations or shortened forms of words, and the tool will generate the actual phrases for you. A text expander is mainly used for words or phrases that you have to type repeatedly.   

Transcription Software

There needs to be more than just a media or audio player to play the video or audio files. Media players have a forward and rewind button but aren’t optimized for transcription. That is why you need transcription software like Express Scribe to help you forward or rewind to specific sections of your audio file.

Ergonomic Office

Transcription requires you to get glued to your PC for a long doing repetitive tasks. This might not be great for your body and is even worse if you don’t have an ergonomic setup. A home office or workspace would help prevent stress injuries and other body discomfort and pains.

Get an ergonomic office chair with back-support cushions to support your posture. Wrist rests for the mouse and keyboard can help keep your wrists straight and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome while working. You should also do gentle wrist and arm stretches before, during, and after long typing sessions. You can also take breaks regularly.

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If you’re in the business or legal industry, it’s crucial to get accurate and high-quality transcriptions for meetings or legal proceedings. Instead of buying transcription equipment and DIYing everything, spare yourself from all the trouble and hire professional services. Contact us to learn more about the solutions we offer.



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