The Best Tips for Transcriptionists

Whether it’s in a courtroom or a boardroom, having a transcriptionist nearby is critical for capturing a written record of everything that’s said. While transcriptionists are all highly skilled, they could still use some help from time to time. Our pros at Efficiency, Inc. are here to help. Continue reading to learn a few tips for transcriptionists.

Invest in good headphones

The best piece of equipment a transcriptionist can own is a good set of headphones. A high-end pair will let you hear everything that was said in the meeting, even if the audio quality is less than perfect. Consider getting headphones with white noise-canceling technology to prevent getting distracted while you’re transcribing.

Use an automated transcription service

An automated transcription service like Dragon Speech Recognition can be a transcriptionist’s best friend. The software isn’t perfect, but it will help you get an idea of what was said in the meeting, so all you need to do is proofread for accuracy. This software will speed up turnaround time so you can get more work done throughout the day.

Learn to touch type

One of the key things to know about transcribing is that speed is everything. Learning how to touch type—typing without looking at your fingers—is the best way to speed up the process. You can practice touch typing by placing a sheet of paper over the keyboard, which prevents you from looking down while you’re typing.

Control your accuracy

While you want to be speedy, you don’t want to be sloppy. Clients won’t like getting a record back that’s full of typos or inaccuracies. Only type as fast as you can without making tons of errors. And before you email the transcription back, be sure to proofread the entire document for any inaccuracies.

Use auto-complete functions

Another one of our tips for transcriptionists is to utilize the auto-complete functions available in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These tools finish words you start to write and even understand some abbreviations. Turning on auto complete will help save time while keeping the record as accurate as possible.

Know your clients’ needs

Each client will likely want their document sent back a certain way. A few things they might be particular about include the document formatting, font style and size, margins, time codes, specific headers and files named certain ways. When you have this information before you start working, you’re sure to make the client happy.

Transcribe in comfort

Staying comfortable while working helps keep you alert and makes the workday less stressful. Find a comfortable chair that keeps you in an upright, active position. You should also consider buying a standing desk that’ll allow you to stand up and stretch your legs and back while continuing to transcribe.

Efficiency, Inc. has everything you need

At Efficiency, Inc., we’re experts in all of the key things to know about transcribing, which is why we’re the Pacific Northwest’s go-to transcription equipment service. Talk to our team today about investing in Dragon software or high-quality voice recorders.

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