Dragon vs. Windows Speech Recognition

Speech recognition software is a valuable tool—one you probably use every day without thinking twice. Computers now have the ability to recognize, process and transcribe spoken words, which can be used for anything from hands-free smartphone commands to recording and transcribing notes, proceedings and more. Two of the most popular speech recognition software brands are Dragon and Windows. Read on to find out the differences between the two, and discover which will best suit your needs.

Windows speech recognition

Windows speech recognition comes built into current Windows software. You can control your computer with your voice, in addition to dictating text even faster than you can type. All you need is a Windows PC and microphone. The software can be trained to recognize your voice, so it will transcribe text and follow voice commands.

Since this software comes built into computers with Vista and newer versions of Windows, you won’t have to pay extra money to use the software. This makes it a great “starter” tool. It offers good accuracy, easy setup and simple commands. If you’re trying to decide whether you like working with speech recognition software, or if it makes sense for your professional purposes, Windows offers plenty of features at no additional cost. However, advanced users may find they need to upgrade to professional-grade speech recognition software.

Dragon speech recognition

Pointing out the differences between Dragon and Windows speech recognition software is like comparing a reliable four-door sedan to a performance vehicle: they’ll both get you where you need to go, but one offers plenty of additional features you’ll love.

Dragon speech recognition software offers everything Windows does, and then some. Unlike Windows, it does cost additional money. Prices range from $49.99 to $500, depending on the features you need. It also requires more setup time than Windows. Since there are more commands and features, you’ll spend more time at the outset “training” the program to do what you need.

However, the features and accuracy make Dragon a great choice for professional applications. First, its accuracy is far more precise than that of Windows. You can train the software to recognize different dialects, complex industry terms and more.

Like Windows, Dragon speech recognition software allows users to dictate text and control computers with voice commands. However, it does so with more accuracy and better features.

Which program should I choose?

The program you choose depends on a few factors. First, if you already own a Windows PC, it makes sense to try the built-in software to see if you like it—after all, it’s free. This will also give you a sense as to the relative usefulness of speech recognition software for your purposes.

If you use speech recognition software on a daily professional basis, it makes sense to pay for Dragon. The additional features make it more accurate and versatile. This is important when you depend on precision and flexibility for your job.

Not sure whether you should upgrade? Call Efficiency, Inc. to learn more about Dragon products and see how Dragon’s speech recognition differs from Windows.

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