What Are the Benefits of Digital Dictation?

Voice recorders have been around in various forms for many years, and they’ve become a very important tool in a variety of professional environments. Today’s tools embrace digital technologies, which come with many benefits over old-fashioned tape recorders and analog devices.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most important benefits of digital audio recording software and equipment in Seattle, WA.

Faster processing

With digital recorders, you can significantly speed up the process of transmitting your notes from the recorder to the transcriptionist. Instead of having to deliver a tape to a transcriptionist manually or via mail, you can simply upload the file to your computer and send it via email, or drop it into a cloud server for your transcriptionist to access at their leisure. This means less time spent waiting for recordings in transit, allowing you to start the transcription process much more quickly.

Improved accuracy

If you’re going through the trouble of recording and transcribing notes, an interview or any other recorded speech, it’s important to make sure the transcription you produce is accurate. In some fields, such as journalism or the medical industry, there could be legal ramifications to producing an inaccurate transcription. Digital recordings tend to be much clearer than analog recordings, and their readily available nature makes it easier to go back and review the recordings to double- and triple-check their accuracy.

Easier access

We briefly touched on this already, but having digital files makes them much more easily accessible to a larger number of people. Some digital recorders automatically update to cloud-based servers, and there are apps and programs that feature dictation workflow that allows you to access files at any time and from any location with an internet connection. Files get securely backed up to protect you against any accidental deletions.

Greater security

In some industries, it is extremely important to keep voice recordings secure, as they may contain personal information or other sensitive information or data that requires confidentiality. Digital recordings can be encrypted, meaning people who would need to access the recordings must have a passcode to be authorized for that access.

Enhanced sound quality

Digital recorders provide outstanding clarity, much better than old tape recorders and analog devices. Today’s technology for microphones in particular has come a long way compared to the devices of decades past, and they’re designed to block out background or environmental noises so you can focus solely on the speech. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the sound quality of a digital recording deteriorating over time like you do with an analog tape recording.

Easily edited

With digital recordings, you can more easily go into your files and edit them, clipping specific sections to save or deleting blank time or mistakes. This is especially useful if you’re taking notes, or if you want to clip specific sound bites for any purpose.

For more information about the benefits of digital dictation, we encourage you to contact Efficiency, Inc. We’d be glad to introduce you to a wide variety of audio recording software and equipment in Seattle, WA.

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