New Technology: Police Dictation Machines

Doctors, lawyers and other professionals have been using dictation machines for years. They’re a simple way to record notes in real time, which allows you to transcribe them later for maximum accuracy. Whether you want to take notes for a police report while the incident is still fresh in your mind, or need a record of an incident to prove it happened the way your officers said it did, using a police dictation machine can be useful in and out of court. Here’s why law enforcement should consider professional dictation equipment in Seattle, WA:

  • Easily record interactions: Using dictation software is easy—most machines have a one-button recording feature that means you’ll never miss a moment. Some machines come with specialized microphones that filter out road and vehicle noise, so you get the most accurate and clearest recordings possible.
  • Fewer requirements than body cameras: Body cameras usually require minors to consent before they can be recorded, but audio recording doesn’t have that rule. On top of that, they’re unobtrusive enough that the suspects may not even notice them—or forget that they’re being recorded. This can make for valuable evidence in the future. It also protects officers, should they be accused of wrongdoing or not following proper procedures later on.
  • Record details when they’re still fresh: You can use dictation software to record and transcribe interrogations, interviews and investigations, but they’re also good for taking notes for everyday police reports. Your officers will be able to record details and descriptions of incidents while they’re still fresh. That reduces the chance of making any mistakes, creating false memories or other issues that can trip up the prosecution in court. The better evidence you have, the more likely it is that justice will be served for everyone involved.
  • Manage your recordings with ease: As we all know, any recording you take can be valuable evidence later. That means you’ll need to preserve recordings and transcriptions in an easily accessible way, and have them backed up in at least one other location. (Depending on where you work, there may be additional evidentiary rules and regulations in place. Make sure to consult with your local district attorney’s office to get a sense of your responsibilities.) Today’s dictation management software allows you to upload and organize even the longest files, which will keep them safe until they’re needed.

As events of the last decade has shown us, it’s important that police officers maintain the highest level of regulatory and evidentiary compliance, lest they be accused of police misconduct. Even the most solid evidence can be tossed out of court if it’s tainted by illegality, so it’s crucial that officers protect their evidence and their reputations as much as possible. Dictation software is a great way to create and manage your records in a safe, legal way.

If you’re looking for a professional dictation machine for law enforcement in Seattle, WA, Efficiency, Inc. can help. Call us today for help finding the right tools for your trade.

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