How to Record the Best Audio

Recording meetings is a great way to preserve the information shared and enable you to go back and take notes after the fact. However, when you go to the effort of recording a meeting, but the audio quality is lacking, that audio file is of little use to you or anyone else. If you’re looking for tips to improve audio quality in Seattle, WA, don’t miss the information below.

Record high-quality audio files during meetings

Many people who buy transcription equipment don’t know how to get great audio sound quality in Seattle, WA. It doesn’t require an audio engineer to improve the quality of your audio recordings, though. Some of these simple tips will vastly enhance the recordings you capture during meetings, presentations, interviews and other conversations:

  • Set up a microphone: When learning how to get great audio sound quality in Seattle, WA, put a microphone in front of the primary speaker during a meeting. If possible, set up multiple microphones to capture everything anyone in attendance says. This cuts down on ambient noise.
  • Listen as you record: Connect a pair of headphones to your recording equipment to ensure you’re capturing good audio as it’s happening. This allows you to adjust as needed. Ideally, you would use noise-canceling headphones, but earbuds will get the job done if that’s all you have on hand.
  • Minimize unnecessary noise: Let the people in the room know you’re recording and politely ask to keep excess noise to a minimum and silence all devices. Close the windows to cut down on outside noises. Turn off any fans or electronics that might make sounds in the background, too.
  • Adjust the environment as much as possible: Acoustics matters when you’re recording audio. If you meet in the same conference room, look into noise dampening options for the space. For those meetings where you can’t control the acoustics, but you can pick the setting, avoid rooms with bare walls and hardwood or tile floors.
  • Edit your audio: Once you’ve recorded the meeting, presentation, interview or conversation, use audio editing software to make adjustments that improve the overall quality. While editing software helps significantly, don’t rely on it to make up for low-quality recordings with lots of background noise and lost voices.
  • Invest in high-quality recording devices: One surefire way to ensure you’re able to improve audio quality in Seattle, WA is to buy the right equipment. Since you’re not recording live music or an album, you don’t need anything fancy to get the job done. But you should your research your options to determine what recorder will best suit your needs.

If you have questions about recording devices, transcription software and other accessories, contact us today. Efficiency, Inc. provides custom recording solutions for clients in numerous verticals. Instead of guessing incorrectly when buying these products, work with the experts who can provide support and knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. Trust our decades of recording experience to capture the high-quality audio files you need. Your boss and team will thank you in the end.

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